Our Video is Live!

We've made some serious progress in the past few includes, including some alpha testing, some website redesigning, and of course, some bar hopping. But we've also come out with this video. And we kind of like it.

Check it out above, or click here to watch in HD: http://ntr.lu/1H28ahs.

The point is to get people excited while we start accepting sign-ups for beta invites. It follows a young woman as she logs on and decides she wants to get away from her computer. We wanted to show viewers a few specific things they can use Interluude for, in as general a way as possible. If that makes any sense. Well, watch for yourself.

We filmed a lot of this ourselves with just a GoPro, but we also used various stock footage. The music is Wild Heart by Niagara Falls-based Tim McMorris.

Let us know your comments below or on the ol' Twitter.

We've also been working on hard on getting our beta launch ready, but we've taken some of your feedback on our alpha site and we're back at the drawing board right now with a complete new feel that is simpler and easier to understand. We'll be in touch when we're ready to try again.


Sam at Interluude