Some updates

After a brief hiatus, we're back and getting some serious work done. We've got a more realistic timeline and we're ready to get down and dirty with some design and development to get Interluude ready for lift-off. 


We've decided to break up the launch of Interluude into a few stages. The first will just be a trial run with projects and events in one city and will hopefully take place at the end of summer 2014. We'll run that for a few months in a limited release and see how things go. We'll then retreat into our cave of computers and coding and coffee and get Interluude ready to face the public for winter 2015. 

Pre-launch Website

You've probably noticed the snazzy new website you're reading this on ( It's here to show off the Interluude and get you all stoked for the coming release. We've got a new wordmark, some new copy, and a some great banner images, so share, share, share, and get the word out that this is going to be something big.

Investors and Advisors

We're gearing up to get Interluude launched and we're aiming to have this start-up approved as an e-coop for our final work term at UWaterloo, so we're starting to work with a key group of investors and advisors to get our feet firmly on the ground, ready to start running in the coming months. Interested in helping us out? Click here.

Pub Crawl

We just did a really cool Circle Line pub crawl and thought you should know.


We've been pretty busy over the past month or two with our full-time jobs, but we're ready to commit some real time to this project, so stay tuned.

Sam at Interluude