I'm looking to get offline. volunteer. host a party. go for a hike. fundraise. play softball. see a concert. find some help. get together.

  • The Basics

  • Interluude: What is it?

    Interluude is a new way to crowdfund free time. We're all about putting the social back in social network. Organizers create projects or events and post them online with a goal for how many attendees or helpers they want to find, while backers find these projects by location, date, or category.

  • Signing Up

    Woah, hold on there eager beaver. We're not quite ready for you yet. But, you can sign up to be one of our beta users here (click "Sign Up Now" up near the top). The beta test will be phased in by location, beginning with Metro Vancouver before the rest of Canada and hopefully taking over the world. You can sign up for Interluude with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram account, or play it old school and create an account just with us.

  • Glossary

    An organizer is a person, group, organization, or company that posts a project or event and is looking for backers.

    A backer is someone who is looking to try new things, meet new people or just get offline. They find projects or events that interest them and sign up to help or attend.

    A project is something in the real world in need of some help, like building a house or constructing a new trail, while an event is something happening in the real world, like a marathon, party, or concert.

  • Screenshots

    What's it going to look like, you ask? Well have a look:

  • Promo Video

    Funny you should ask about videos. It just so happens that we have one. Check it out here.

  • Organizing

  • Organizers

    Organizers can be individuals, private companies, community organizations, or non-profit groups.

  • Posting a Project or Event

    Once you've decided what it is you want to do and need help with, post it. Add all of your details, like the title, the date, the location, and a description. Then throw in some photos or a video and set a goal for how many backers you want to find. To really get backers on board, you can add rewards, like, say, volunteer for three hours and get lunch, or play a round of bowling and get 20% off drinks. Whatever.

  • Fees

    Ha. Interluude is free.

  • Promoting

    You can link to your project's page or you can embed it right onto your website. You can also download Interluude logos and badges.

  • Responsibility

    It's always the organizer's responsibility to complete their project or event. If you're having issues doing this, keep your backers informed. They'll be more udnerstanding if you keep things transparent and communicaiton open.

    Interluude is not responsible for projects and we're not involved in their development. We don't guarantee that they will take place and we don't investigate organizers. It's up to the backer to stay safe.

  • Keeping Backers in the Loop

    Plans change. We get that. And it's no problem. Keep your backers informed by sending out updates on the regular. These will show up in the backer's notification bar or get emailed to them, depending on their setting and the urgency.

  • Legitimacy

    To make sure your backers really know who you are, add a bio to your profile, link to your social profiles or website, and answer all their questions. For organizers with large followings and lots of organized projects, we can get in touch to verify you and add a little blue checkmark to your profile (just like Twitter or Facebook)./p>

  • Backing

  • Backers

    Have some free time and want to do something together? That makes you a backer. You are what makes this platform work. You can find projects or events that interest you by location, category, or date. You can even check your feed to see what people you know are up to.

  • What's in it for me?

    That depends on who you are. Maybe you're fine with that do-good feeling. Or maybe you're looking to fill your resume with volunteer hours. Maybe you're looking to try new things and make new friends. Or maybe you're just bored. If you're looking for a reward, some projects offer those too. See "organizing" above.

  • Staying Informed

    When a project organizer has an update for you, like location or date change, they'll let you know. We don't give them your details, but they'll be able to reach you through the notification bar on your profile or you'll get an email from us, depending on your settings.